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Iulian Cazacu, Presedinte al Asociatiei Centrul de Dezvoltare SMARTThe best way to grow a business is to know how to develop yourself first. And because there is no “recipe for succes”, I gathered all the resources so you don’t need one. I founded SMART development Center because I see the potential of a top business in anyone who understands that before you cause others to invest in yourself, you have to do it first, and that behind any profitable business plan there is a correctly implemented plan. From full – service of grants consultancy projects to projects for personal and professional development, here we created all conditions for training that you, as an entrepreneur, are worth it.

And because there it is not a more practical way to find new business opportunities than supporting the society in which they can develop, we have conceived projects and ideas that demonstrate that community support can go hand in hand with financial benefits.

If you want a definite way to the top, learn from those who are already there. Browse our portfolio of projects and discover that for any business idea there are ways to succeed. Finantari Europene.


Iulian Cazacu, President of SMART Development Center Association

SMART Development Center

 We deliver pragmatism. We invest actively to support the community to develop successful business and people because this is possible for a respectable society and, most important, a SMART society.

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Project Manager Training

(Cod COR 241 919) Project Manager Training Training overview: the training program is primarily based on the stages of creating a grant application type, by combining theory part with the practical part.

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