NRDP 2014-2020 contains measures aimed at rural development in Romania, taking into account both the socio-economic realities of our country and implicitly the rural area, as well as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP 2020).

NRDP 2014-2020 contributes to the consolidation of medium and long-term development of the agricultural sector and the rural environment, starting with the accession of Romania to the European Union and supported by the NRDP 2007-2013.

The main objectives of the National Rural Development Program are:

  • Increasing the competitiveness of agriculture;
  • Sustainable management of natural resources and climate change;
  • Balanced rural development, reducing the economic and social disparities between different parts of the country;
  • Investments needed to improve the economic and environmental performance of agricultural holdings.

Main rural development priorities for the 2014-2020 programming period:

  • Modernizing and increasing the viability of agricultural holdings through their consolidation, openness to the market and processing of agricultural products;
  • Encourage rejuvenation of farmers' generations by supporting the setting up of young farmers;
  • Developing basic rural infrastructure as a prerequisite for attracting investment in rural areas and creating new jobs and implicitly for rural development;
  • Encouraging the diversification of the rural economy by promoting the creation and development of SMEs in non-agricultural sectors in rural areas;
  • Encouraging local development placed under the responsibility of the community through the LEADER approach. LEADER cross-cutting competence improves competitiveness, quality of life and diversification of the rural economy, and combating poverty and social exclusion;
  • Promoting the fruit sector as a sector with specific needs through a dedicated subprogram.

In our consulting activity, we focus on the following NRDP funding measures:
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