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Authorized course cadastre technician

(COD COR 3112.3.14 )

The qualification course in the field of cadastre technician is addressed to persons wishing to carry out their professional activity in the units of organizing and systematizing the territory at cadastral unit level or in other such units where they will perform current topographical works, Land cadastre and technical land cadastre.

Land cadastre land surveyor technician will perform specialized activities in land surveying and land cadastre.

It will ensure at the level of localities the necessary real estate advertising operations, directly contributing to the enforcement and observance of the lawfulness of real estate and their movement in the field of cadastral valuation and landownership, establishing the right and acquisition of the right to property in the introduction Land maps and updating of cadastral maps in the automation of topo-cadastral works.

It should also be able to execute topographic elevations for building construction projects, perform works of art and other technical works inside and outside the building.

The qualification course aims to acquire a set of professional competences that will qualify the graduate to carry out activities specific to the profession of cadastre landowner technician. The learner will learn to: perform topography-specific calculations, develop topographical plans, draw scale drawings and drawings, track construction behavior in time, prepare general cadastre documentation, manage information using computing techniques, to collect and to organize information.


The duration of the course is 1080 hours: 360 hours of theory, 720 hours of practice.

Upon graduation the participants will receive graduation certificates authorized by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly and the Ministry of National Education and are regulated by law, as national and European recognition studies. The graduation certificates issued will be accompanied by descriptive supplements with occupational skills acquired under the occupational standard.

  • The necessary documents for enrollment in the course:
  • Identity card copy;
  • Birth certificate copy
  • Copy of marriage certificate (if applicable);
  • Copy of the last degree or study certificate;
  • A certofocate from the family doctor that proves he is fit to work.

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