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Start the Qualification


The project “START THE QUALIFICATION painters from all over the country!” will be implemented from April 2014 to October 2015 and is co-financed by European Social Fund through Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013, priority 2 “linking lifelong learning and labor market”, key area of intervention 2.3 “acces and participation in continuous vocational training” by SMART Development Center in partnership with EUROPROJECT Center for Consultancy and Project Management and POLICOLOR JSC.

The target group consists of 1500 employees of th service stations, of companies producing furniture, and construction companies (of which at least 40% unskilled or low skilled) interested to qualify/retrain in Tinsmith auto painter, Industrial painter, Painter, Plasterer, Paper hanger, Painter, from all Romanian regions, both urban and rural.

The overall objective is to increase skill levels for 1500 employees, by improving their access and participation in qualification/retraining programs. The aim is to improve the access and participation of employees in the auto refinish industry, the production of furniture and building professional training programs, facilitating their qualification, through 14 Regional Centers for Qualification, whose work will be orientated towards human capital development in applying paints and varnishes and to increase the competitiveness and adaptability of the employers.

Specific objectives


  • Raising awareness of the employers about training/retraining opportunities of employees responsibles in applying paints and varnishes by implementing a national information campaign.
  • Facilitating employers participation in continuous vocational training by entering at least 100 partnerships between project entity (Applicant, Partner 1 and Partner 2) and companies in which activates the target group.
  • Supply the program development capacity in continuous vocational training flexible and relevant to the labor market by supplying authorized training programs.
  • To increase the quality and productivity at work, the qualification level of employees in the automotive refinish field, furniture industry and constructions through implementation of 60 qualifying stages for Tinsmith auto painter, Industrial painter, Painter, Plasterer, Paper hanger, Dyer, to be attended by 1500 people of which at least 1350 will be certified by the National Qualifications Authority.

SMART Development Center

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Project Manager Training

(Cod COR 241 919) Project Manager Training Training overview: the training program is primarily based on the stages of creating a grant application type, by combining theory part with the practical part.

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