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Youth Exchange project Digitizing Rural Entrepreneurship

It is already the last day of the Youth Exchange project “Digitizing rural entrepreneurship”. During the youth exchange project, young people  got practical entrepreneur skills and knowledge in digital tools.

On the 4th of November 2017,  participants arrived to the venue place of the project, Hotel Alpina in  Tsaghkadzor, Armenia. We spent together 12 wonderfull days!

In the Youth Exchange project eight countries were participating: Latvia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Romania, Norway and Ukraine. Each country was represented by four participants in age between 18 till 30, as well as one group leader.

Youth exchange is based on non- formal education methods, such as outdoor activities, hiking tours, individual and group work, energizers, ice breaking games, group building activities, plenary work, cooperative games and others. Youth Exchange participants are encouraged to teach each other, learn from each other and get the knowledge through doing different practical activities.

This project aimed to provide practical entrepreneurial skills and knowledge in digital tools, encourage youth mobility, develop cultural awareness and practical digital competencies among youth who are participating in the project.

We also had the opportunity to share knowledge about our national cultural heritage, because every national team had a cultural night, where we could explore the history, beautiful places, traditional foods, drinks and dances of every country.

This Youth Exchange project is funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union. The organisers, Arsen and Alex, have implemented the project in an extremely professional manner, they picked us up at the airport and made sure that the accommodations fitted our needs and that we are comfortable. They have managed to do this and also fulfill the objectives of the project, all the while being flexible with any unexpected developments (like delays) that are inherent to a project that helps improve the entrepreneurial skills of 40 persons at once. We were delighted and also very thankfull and proud to be part of this project!

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Cursuri de calificare. Investim in mod activ in sprijinirea comunitatii ca sa dezvoltam afaceri și oameni de succes. Este posibil, firesc pentru o societate care se respecta si, cel mai important, SMART.

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Curs autorizat CNFPA Manager de Proiect

Cursuri de calificare - Consultanta fonduri europene

Prezentare curs: Programul de formare profesionala Manager de Proiect se bazeaza in principal pe etapele realizarii unui proiect tip cerere de finantare, imbinand interactiv partea teoretica cu cea practica.

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