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ROP 2.1 European non-reimbursable funds – investments for micro-enterprises in urban areas


ROP 2.1 European non-reimbursable funds – investments for micro-enterprises in urban areas

Do you want to access a grant from European non-reimbursable funds for a micro-enterprise in the urban area?
Details of this funding:

Eligible applicants: • Micro-enterprises (SMEs with 0-9 employees) who want to make an investment in the urban environment Attention: no investments are funded in Bucharest and Ilfov County.

Eligibility criteria:  • The investment must be made in the urban environment • The company has been operating for a period of at least one full fiscal year • The company recorded operating profit (> 0) in the fiscal year prior to the submission of the project
 • The company has registered an average number of employees of at least 1 in the fiscal year preceding the submission of the project or has at least one full-time employee, for an indefinite period, on the date of submission of the project • The investment proposed by the project should target a single CAEN code • The company must not be a firm in difficulty (its own capital by 2015> 0) • Investments located in Bucharest Ilfov Development Region are not eligible

Non-refundable financial assistance: • Non-reimbursable financing of maximum 200.000 Euro / beneficiary • The amount of non-reimbursable funding is up to 90%

Eligible areas of activity: Investments in production and service activities Eligible expenditure: • Building, upgrading, expanding the production / service space • Machinery and equipment, intangible assets and online marketing tools
 • Expenses with the acquisition of patents, licenses, trademarks, software, other rights and similar assets
 • Consultancy / support services

Ineligible expenditure: • spending on land and / or construction purchases • expenditure on the purchase of motor vehicles and means of transport