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Commitment for Development

The National Campaign “Commitment to Development”.

Romanian Youth Council implements from September to November 2010 the National Campaign “Commitment to Development”.

Along with the Romanian Youth Council, SMART Development Center supports the active involvement in youth policy development and beyond.

The aim was to consult young people on the socio-economic and cultural problems that they faced in order to develop sustainable communities through local and national youth policies.

The campaign was funded through the “Youth in Action” Program of the European Comission, Action 5.1 – Meetings of young people and those responsible for youth policy.

The consultation campaign takes place mainly in the context of engaging Romania as a member state of the European Union, in the implementation of the new European framework for cooperation in the youth field “Investment and Empowerment 2010-2018” and a new realization of the structured dialogue.

The activities consist in organizing a consultation seminar during which the young participants with the representatives of public authorities identify the needs, the solutions and the responsible actors in their implementation. Subsequently each seminar will be organized a regional youth conference in which there would be discussed the most viable solutions identified, and the possibility of commitments by all parties in their implementation.

Furthermore, consultations campaign has concluded with a national youth conference in which there were invited all relevant actors in the field, nationally and the final results, contained in a final resolution reflecting the situation of the youth nationwide and underlying the further development of youth policies.

Consultation events were held as follows:

  • September 20-21st, North-West: Cluj-Napoca
  • September 23-24th, West: Timisoara
  • September 27-28th, North East: Botosani
  • September 30th-October 1st, South West: Drobeta Turnu Severin
  • October 11-12th, South East: Galati
  • October 14-15th, South Muntenia: Targoviste
  • October 18-19th, Center: Sibiu
  • October 21-22nd, Bucharest-Ilfov
  • November 10th: Bucharest, National Conference.

The application call is open to all development regions according to the above-mentioned terms. To apply, please submit the form that can be downloaded here, to the email address implicare@ctr.rowith the mention “Application for the region …”

* Young people aged 14 to 30 – according to the European youth policy