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Like you – Entrepreneurial skills for young people in the south east region

The overall objective of the project is to increase the adaptability and flexibility of the young labor force employed in SMEs, of young and future entrepreneurs to the changing economic environment and globalization challenges by developing their skills and competencies in order to improve the knowledge and application of entrepreneurial culture and the diversification and development of competitive and advanced training programs.

This was achieved by: determining the level of entrepreneurial and SME sector development in line with economic trends in the south east region; developing a positive attitude of the target group in terms of importance and benefits of entrepreneurial culture from socio-economic perspective of the South East region; increasing the number of young entrepreneurs and improvement of the development, adaptability and flexibility of human resources in SMEs and potential young entrepreneurs in the target region; organizing communication sessions to facilitate access to qualified information, best practices exchanges in the context of European integration; personal, managerial and entrepreneurial development of young people in the region through a series of project management, human resources and innovation manager trainings; attraction of an equal number of women and men both in rural and in urban areas for learning and acquiring new skills and abilities in order to ensure a good representativeness in the entire region in terms of economic and human.

Financed through Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development

In May 2011 the project has ended following that the organization’s activities in this regard continue. The positive impact from the implementation led us to develop a formal and non-formal training department in the South East Region.