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Start for you


The “START for you!” project

co-funded by European Social Fund through Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013, Priority 5 – “Promoting active employment measures”, Key Area of Intervention 5.2 “Promoting long-term sustainability of rural areas in terms of human resource development and employment”, is implemented by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs in Romania in partnership with the Association of Romanian Municipalities, the Association of Consulting Center and Project Management Europroject and SMART Association and Development Center.

Development term: April 2014 – October 2015

The target group consists of 740 people of rural regions of South East, South West and North East (95 people searching for a job, 300 engaged in subsistence agriculture, 45 unemployed and 300 inactive people.

The overall objective of the project is to facilitate integration into the labor market and increasing the employment rate in rural areas related to the development regions of South East, South West and North East, by providing acces to information, counseling, training and support in entrepreneurship of people in search for a job, the unemployed, inactive people and people engaged in subsistence agriculture.


By implementing the project “START for you” in the South East we aim to:

  1. Develop the rural infrastructure for labor market integration of the unemployed, the inactive people, people looking for a job and people employed in subsistence agriculture by establishing a START UP center for entrepreneurship and employment in Galati county.
  2. Develop skills of searching for a job for at least 166 persons from the target group, through information, counseling and career guidance in a mobile campaign in 12 villages of the region.
  3. Train professional skills for 86 persons belonging to the target group in order to increase employment opportunities in non-agricultural areas by organizing training programs for worker in trade and food worker. Stages duration will be 3 months, theoretical support being accompanied by practical activities developed at the employers in the region. Classes will be completed by the diploma qualification recognized nationally.
  4. Stimulate the development of entrepreneurial activities by 80 people looking for a job, unemployed and inactive persons, people engaged in subsistence agriculture, by organizing entrepreneurial skills classes. Classes will last 10 days and students will receive nationally recognized diplomas.
  5. Create conditions for the development of self-employment in non-agricultural areas in order to increase long-term sustainability of rural areas by incubating for four months 5 new business in the START UP center of Galati.