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Be digital: tools for rural entrepreneurship youth exchangeFINALIZAT 

It is already 6thth day of the Youth Exchange project Be digital: tools for rural entrepreneurship. During the youth exchange project young people are getting practical entrepreneur skills and knowledge in agribusiness.

On 1st of October participants arrived to the venue place of the project Tsaghkadzor, Armenia and will stay there till 12th of October. Total duration of the project is ten days. In the Youth Exchange project eight countries are participating: Latvia, Armenia, Italy, Moldova, Georgia, Romania, Poland and Ukraine. Each country is represented by four participants in age between 18 till 30, as well as one group leader.

This Youth Exchange project is funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union. Association “Karsava municipality youth center “PUGA” and organization “Youth Mix” are facilitating this Youth Exchange project “Be digital: tools for rural entrepreneurship”. The two organizations are collaborating very well. They have implemented the project, until now, in a professional manner, they picked us up at the airport and made sure that the accommodations fitted our needs and that we are comfortable. They have managed to do this and also fulfill the objectives of the project, all the while being flexible with any unexpected developments (like delays) that are inherent to a project that helps improve the entrepreneurial skills of 40 persons at once.

Youth exchange is based on non- formal education methods, such as outdoor activities, hiking tours, individual and group work, energizers, ice breaking games, group building activities, plenary work, cooperative games and others. Youth Exchange participants are encouraged to teach each other, learn from each other and get the knowledge through doing different practical activities.

Until today, we had the opportunity to explore and to share knowledges about our cultural heritage: We eat Armenian “sugiuk”, Latvian fish and sweets, we drink Ukraine traditional beverages and tasted home-made Georgian wine and liquor. We are expecting now for the Poland team cultural night with vodka; Italians traditional food, and also for Moldovan sweets “Bucuria”.

This project aims to provide practical entrepreneurial skills and knowledge in digital tools, encourage youth mobility, develop cultural awareness and practical digital competencies among youth who are participating in the project.

TSAGHKADZOR is a wonderful place that offers the opportunity to learn and get in touch with the Armenian history: old churches, museums and with the beautiful view of the mountains that is breathtaking. Also, do not miss the chance to visit other places that bring you the magic of Armenia: you must go to hiking tour to Garni & Geghard and then to eat organic food at “HyeLandz Eco Village” in Geghadir village.