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The project AgroNet is co-financed by Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020, Priority 1.2: Increasing border trade and modernization of the agricultural sector and related sectors, Thematic Objective 1: Promoting Business and Entrepreneurship in the Black Sea Basin.

The implementation of the project is directed at regional level in three countries in the Black Sea Basin (Georgia, Bulgaria and Romania).

Project partners

  • The Georgian Public Relations Institute (GIPA), together with its partner Elva Community (ELVA) – Georgia;
  • Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA) – Bulgaria;
  • SMART Development Center Association (SMART) – Romania.

The implementation period of the project is 2 years, respectively June 2018 – December 2020.


Increasing trade opportunities and modernizing both the agricultural sector and related sectors, by identifying new modern trade opportunities in agriculture and developing an innovative online platform – AgroDeals.

WHAT IS AgroDeals?

AgroDeals has the role of developing online commerce, being an efficient and operational platform, which will bring direct benefits to various public and private actors in the agricultural and commercial sector.

The online platform contains all the information related to agricultural trade in a consolidated and free space. Simultaneously, the online source information can be provided and uploaded by different users. Sources include multi-lingual and classified information in relation to national legislation, regulations, standards, market trends, web links, information charts, etc.

The platform also provides buyers and sellers with certain information on road location in order to guide the sale-purchase process for various agricultural goods and services.


  1. The web platform will be promoted at national and regional level to various actors and beneficiaries in the agricultural field.
  2. The online agricultural trading platform facilitates the improvement of agricultural practices in line with international food safety standards and allows access to agricultural information to encourage cross-border trade.
  3. Free access to resources: Portfolio for Georgia, Bulgaria and Romania, with a focus on agricultural trade, specific sources, studies, research, legal documents, guides, etc.
  4. At least 150 buyers, sellers and service and technology providers will be registered online to search for business partners, as well as state and private organizations involved.


  • Public Sector: Ministries, agencies, universities;
  • Private Sector: farmers, agricultural cooperatives, exporters / importers, processors, traders, warehouse owners, etc.;
  • Other Sectors: NGOs, associations, confederations, research institutes;


Within the AgroDeals web platform you can register by creating an account, using a valid email address and password or by logging in with your Facebook account.

We invite you to access the platform with a single click on the button below.